Video 1 – The NHS

Dr Philippa Whitford talks about the future of the NHS under a Yes, and No vote.

Video 2 – Is Bigger Better?

Power, Influence and the Union

Video 3 – Oil, and Scotland’s Wealth

Retired civil servant John Jappy on the history of Scotland’s natural resources.

Video 4 – Where are Third Sector No?

David Mitchell from Third Sector Yes asks why nobody who works in Scotland’s charities is telling us to vote No.

Video 5 – Risk and Reward

Carolyn Leckie on the risks and rewards of Scottish independence.

Video 6 – The No Nightmare

Newsnet Scotland’s Duggy Dug takes us on a tour of Scotland after a No vote.

Video 7 – A culture in decline

Rapper Loki on the true culture within our society.