Fiona Bruce revealed as Tory councillor


Controversy continues following the latest episode of Question Time after it was revealed almost 60% of the audience were former, or serving, Conservative councillors, including host Fiona Bruce.

Unbeknownst to her employer, friends, family or Bruce herself, the veteran BBC broadcaster has been a key figure on the Perth and Kinross council since 2017, when the Tories ousted the SNP.

It’s believed the BBC top talent has been wielding local legislative power while in a fugue state, between a busy schedule filming shows such as Question Time, Fake or Fortune, and the Antiques Roadshow.

Council colleague Campbell Stropp reported; “She’d stumble in with a glazed expression, mumble something about excessive parking restrictions around the Perth leisure pool, then slump in her seat until we’d shake her awake at the end of the session. It was like in Fight Club when it’s been him the whole time but asleep or something.”

Question Time producers have previously insisted the audience selection process is entirely impartial, but no-one from the production staff was available for comment on the latest revelations due to an emergency meeting of the South Ayrshire Water and Gas oversight committee.



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